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2/9/2018 NCA International Student Life

Worshiping Through the Arts

High school students at NCA International were invited to come and practice worshiping through the arts, expanding their view of worship past musical worship. This evening included visual arts, scrapbooking techniques, and other forms of creating art.

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11/16/2017 NCA International Student Life

Circle of Friends Program

For many students, making friends at school is an easy endeavor. The Circle of Friends Program promotes Christ-centered inclusion, respect, and positive social climate in the classrooms at NCA.

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6/29/2017 NCA International Student Life

Korean Students Design Cultural Mural

A newly constructed Korean gazebo stands as a testimony to the commitment the school has toward celebrating our cultural diversity.

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4/19/2017 NCA International Student Life


In coordination with the public school located closest to NCAI, Leamos helps children learn to read and enjoy reading.

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4/7/2017 NCA International Student Life

Student Leaders Participate in Academic Debate Conference

The “Academic Debate for Student Leaders,” or DALE for its acronym in Spanish, is an annual event that is important to the youth of Latin America, especially that of Nicaragua. This is a two day event in which students can take on roles regarding past, current, or potential future events that are relevant to Latin American society.

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