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NCA International




The elementary levels provide a comprehensive course of study. During these formative years, we seek to teach our students responsibility and develop critical thinking skills. Our instructional program includes Language Arts (composition, grammar, handwriting, reading, spelling and vocabulary), Bible, Math, Science and Social Studies, all of which are taught in English. In addition to the core classes, elementary students have daily Spanish class, bi-weekly physical education, and weekly classes in art, music, computers and library. Students are evaluated on academic, effort, and behavioral progress.

Schedule and Details

There is one section of each grade from first through sixth grade. Each level is taught by a certified teacher, and there are several teacher assistants that provide additional learning support for individuals or groups of students. Classes are limited to 22-24 students. The school day is from 7:15 to 2:15 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.


NCA International has developed a comprehensive curriculum at all levels of the school, based on a United States international school framework with the integration of Nicaraguan Spanish and social studies. In our elementary grades, we are using Pearson Education textbooks for Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies, and Christian Schools International textbooks for our Bible classes. For our Spanish program, we are using a local publisher called Nacho Nicaragüense.

Spanish Language Learning

For expatriate students who are still learning the Spanish language, we offer alternate Spanish classes which are taught in small groups with Nicaraguan teachers with a focus on quickly developing and using Spanish communication skills. Our desire is that all of our students will be fluent in both English and Spanish.