Nicaragua Christian Academy Academic excellence with a Christian foundation

NCA International



NCA International is part of the Association of Nicaragua Christian Academy, a network of three schools founded on the same founding mission of Academic Excellence with a Christian Foundation. With its beginnings in 1991, NCA International was the founding school of this association, and is unique in its context of a fully English-language education and a high percentage of international and missionary families. NCA Nejapa (founded in 2005) and NCA Matagalpa (founded in 2013) are committed to the same principles of Academic Excellence with a Christian Foundation, but the primary language of instruction is Spanish and most students and staff are Nicaraguan.

All three schools are governed by a seven-member school board that oversees the association and each of the schools. The school board members are elected by the General Assembly of Missionary Parents during its annual meeting.

For a list of our current school board members, visit the NCA Association Governance page.