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"I know my kids are loved and well cared for. The teachers are wonderful, Christlike examples. The NCA community is like a family."

Elementary parent

Commitment to Christian Education

According to the Bible, parents are responsible for the training of their children (Deut. 6:1-7; Prov. 22:6; Eph. 6:1-4). Nicaragua Christian Academy serves as partners with parents in providing an excellent education consistent with biblical truth. Harmony between home and school provides the best environment for godly training to take place. We seek to nurture development in integrity, respect, obedience, self-discipline, godly living, wisdom, responsibility, thankfulness, service, and eternal values.

Student Body

NCA International has approximately 300 students enrolled in preschool through twelfth grade. Approximately 55% of these come from Nicaraguan families, and most of the remaining students are children of international missionaries (from the United States, South Korea, Canada and other Latin American countries).

Admissions Requirements

Entrance Age Requirement

Preschool placement is strictly by student age, based on a September 30 cut-off. Students who by September 30 have turned three years old will be considered for preschool level 1; four-year-olds (by Sep 30) will be considered for preschool level 2; five-year-olds (by Sep 30) will be considered for Kindergarten. First graders should be six years old. Students who do not turn three years old until after September 30 are not yet eligible for enrollment.

English Language Requirement

Students entering the preschool program who do not have English as a first language may be placed with other students sharing their language ability. Students six years of age or older need to speak English fluently before being admitted, as determined by our entrance evaluation and student interview.

Family Partnership Requirement

Part of our admissions process includes a family interview for each new family. NCA International recognizes that our ability to accomplish our mission and vision is based heavily on the level of support and partnership we have with the family of each of our students. We seek to enroll students whose families have a clear commitment to Christian education, as described above. By the act of seeking admission, the student and parents make a commitment with the school to uphold and abide by its philosophy, expectations and policies.

Available Space Requirement

Our classes are limited to 15 students in preschool level 1, 18 students in preschool level 2, 20 students in Kindergarten, and 22 students in all other levels. The primary and intentional ministry of NCA International is to provide Christian education for the children of evangelical missionary families. All other families are welcome and encouraged to apply.