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4/6/2017 NCA International Student Life

By Mario Fong (Senior Class of 2017, Eagle Eye Co-Editor)

The Eagle Eye is the official NCAI school newspaper, and this (with a few minor name changes) will be the second year in which it has been operating as such. Since its inception, the newspaper has committed itself “to provide a forum” for its target community to find a legitimate means of expression. With 2 leading editors, a group of 7 regular contributors, 2 technical consultants, and an official photographer, the Eagle Eye is steadily growing in presence and influence. Besides the established team, all high school students are welcome to submit articles, an offer that’s especially tempting when teachers promise extra credit for any work featured in the journal, which, since the start of this school year, publishes exclusively online content. Boasting a new website, running for the first time as part of NCAI’s student home page, there seem to be promising things on the horizon for the young publication; with a sleek, modern presentation, and a variety of relevant and informative pieces, the novel online publication is worth checking out. If you want to visit the Eagle Eye, you can now find it at We’ll be waiting for you there!

Published on April 6, 2017. Written by Mario Fong. Group photo by Jessica Stuebner. Website design by Obed Miranda.