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5/25/2018 Will Van Zoest NCA International Student Life

By Will Van Zoest (NCAI Eleventh Grade Student)

Faith in Action is an event involving students of both primary and secondary levels at NCA International whose goal is to allow students to apply their individual talents and skills to service outside of a classroom, and providing assistance to over twenty different ministries and projects, on and outside of campus. Groups of varying ages collaborate in projects ranging from designing and constructing improvements on NCAI’s campus, to aiding affiliated organizations such as ESVO by providing extra hands to teach or work, to working with local ministries such as Sal y Luz who aim to interact with children in and around the Managua area. Faith in Action occurs on designated Fridays from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon, extending the usual school day by thirty minutes.

The diversity of service opportunities allowed for students to choose a group for whom they would help accomplish its goal, and its resulting teams also gives students the opportunity to interact with their other team members of varying ages. Not only does Faith in Action help address the needs of the surrounding area, but the community of NCA itself is strengthened through cooperation between grade levels.

When asked why she enjoyed Faith in Action, Rebekah Van Zoest, a highschool senior and part of a group on campus that works with special needs children, said, “I love seeing the joy on the faces of those I work with one on one, an opportunity they may not get often. Similarly I enjoy seeing the elementary students in my group connecting in their own ways with each other and with their new friends from Tesoros De Dios.”

Published on May 25, 2018. Written by Will Van Zoest. Photos by Will Van Zoest.